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What is wrong with most of you lol, 25-30 is pretty standard over here.

If I had to pay 60k to get 5 wisdom lixes and a red fashion token, I'd be triggered.

Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

The problem is, would it be too op if there are 5-10 stacks of bees/vines on a boss at one time? Should there be diminishing damage for subsequent (Lower level) vines cast on a boss? Does this then transfer across to rogue dl/edl/cg offhand dots? Perhaps you could make it so that only the highest le...

Re: Hii Everyone

Hey mate, welcome to the game.

In terms of servers, I wouldn’t recommend Crom since there’s no competition (game is a lot more casual in the end game).

Best of luck in your decision.

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