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Re: Joining maybe?

KSGRSulius wrote:
FrostKnight wrote:Forgot.
Top two clans:
Transcendant: (lower of Retribution)
Retribution: (Dominant clan)

Currently war between SulisLegends and Retribution.

Hahah SuliusLegends best clan

Hi ksgr lol

Re: how do i become a DPS Rogue??

OK, I'll bite. Full disclosure: I'm a lvl 153 rogue so trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I can see how you can be misguided into playing the rogue intuitively thinking it'll lead you to a DPS build. Clearly, after your 17 levels of extensive rogue experience, you should be one-shotting mobs....

how do i become a DPS Rogue??

Okay, I am actually a ranger, lvl 81 Ranger "Dominator6 (SulisLegends) And i made a rogue a while ago and started playing it. Its now a level 17, but i am wanting to know how to become a fast rogue, like a dps thing Like what should i use my attribute points on to become a dps? the current stat...

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