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Adamant or Obsidian

Im currently wearing addy BP and Legs but I have heard some good things about obsidian armor because of the added poison damage but I also heard that with the strength bonus' on addy armor shows the same damage as obsidian, not to sure its true but I don't know if obsidian is worth the work getting ...

Re: Auction house for lugh

No one in lugh even wants to use that auction house, lugh is just to quiet for it lol. Trust me I wanted to try it and no one even makes a post. I made a couple posts and after a couple weeks later seeing if anyone will make a post, I found out this thing is just a waste of time. Might as well stick...

Re: Should i come back?

I don't know you to well lol and I don't know the situation and probably shouldn't even make this post since its none of my business lol but I'm gonna post anyways xD. I honestly feel like whoever is troubling you, they aren't gonna go out of there way just to ks you, and with so many people willing...

Diamond Crystal Horn

I know in the newer quests these don't even matter now, but for people that started the meteoric weapon quest before the update still need it... How much do these even go for now?

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