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Missing platinum

Well its been a couple of weeks since i made a $10 platinum purchase and did not receive my platinum. I have sent support tickets both through email and in-game and have not received any reply whatsoever. When did CH support become this bad? Has this ever happened to anyone? I wanted to buy 4k more ...


selling some stuff:

wrymbone spear (lvl 160) 100k
haste ring 300k
ring of souls (15e per tick) 95k
lvl 50 energy brace 75k
heroic gloves nd ammy 250k
lvl 150 offhand axe 300k

Selling all as a bundle for 1m (save 120k)

Hello crom, xfering :)

Hey everyone, im transfering from arawn to crom around 8m worth of gold n items. If anyones interested In helping me out feel free to contact me on the forums or in game, i go with the name sandlander in both arawn and crom

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