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What keeps you coming back?

What keeps you coming back to play Celtic heroes? I have personally quit this game like, 10 times but I just keep coming back. I've tried so many other games and for some reason Celtic heroes pulls me back in. This game might have some horrible parts to it, but the community is great and I find the ...

Ladder Clan

Hey, does anyone remember the ladder clan? If so, Is there anything like that running now? If not someone should start something up, it was a super fun time.

Leveling 4 real

So, I've heard many people say stuff like that they get to 100 with no plat and I was wondering if someone could throw like, an estimate at me of how long that actually takes in hours. Because I've been trying and it feels like it takes forever, and I'm just curious if someone knows how long that ac...

The android community

What is the deal with the android community. I used to play on ios, and when I switched my device to an android I quit. I missed it so badly that I decided to come back, I noticed that people just don't seem to want to do awesome stuff like before. I stood in the castle and had troubles even getting...

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