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Re: YuleTide Wish List

Wish: Hookers Goal: Get 1000 more chickens so I have 4k LOL sorry chickens are awesome In game but irl there a pain the ass they wake me up everyday at 4 in the morning and yes im aware that there hen and not roosters...Sounds like there constipated everyday. Lets not forget they eat their own eggs...

Re: World transferring

Hey Celtic heroes! I am from mabon, i wouldbe lookin to go to à nés world, You guys Will go first or i Will get à middleman. My items are: -spectral talisman of midnight -spectral ring of thé reaper. -fiery axe of triumph. - some 5slash/cruzh dmg bracelet. -50super knows, 40heroic hasté, 70regen, +...

Ranger Help anyone?

I know that theres already a topic like this but i need help obviously.I need to get to level 80 with a budget.
I have 250k to spend to get to level 80

level 69
Darkshadow bp and other then that lunar armor
Default bow....
and Default skills
No regens


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