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Red crowns!!

I have aqquired a few red crowns and I am trading red ritual crowns for yellow ritual crowns. Send me a message here or in game @ Archerguy


Re: Opinions on Epona! Good world?

I find it ironic how a topic on what epona is like starts a small arguement between greek and beo... Imo epona is both good and bad, yes it has its drama blah blah blah but its easy to avoid just dont reply when it starts and dont be a tank 100% agreeded. To avoid drama just ignore the people who s...

Re: Favorite Artist(s)/Rapper(s)

-Juicy J -Eazy E -Ice cube -N.W.A -Three 6 Mafia -Gucci Mane -Wiz Khalifa -Lil wayne -Snoop dogg (not f****** snoop lion) -Dre -Eminem (most of his albums from 2005 and back) -A$AP Ferg -Borgore -Tyga -Froggy Fresh ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XArx0ASwyDc ) - Odd Future/Tyler the creator *forgot ...

Re: Car?

Personally i feel that both manual and automatic minis drive badly. Best bang for your buck would prolly be a Chevy impala. They are usually nice all around, and if u look into the 2014 impala you can get a hybrid that gets around 60mpg while still pushing about 350hp. And its a fully loaded luxury ...

Re: Intresting blog i found,,,

im sure this is nothing new to whoever reads this, but still gave me a good chuckle :D Edit.. Removed link to blog by popular demand, my appoligies to whom were offended by the material it contained. It was never a goal of mine to upset or make fun of people. I simply thought it was so childish tha...

Re: Intresting blog i found,,,

FYI i decided to share this because i thought it was childish and funny. But says nothing about my opinions of the players mentioned in the blog, i just thought we could use a little comic relief after this stressful week. Learn to laugh at the haters! http://i59.tinypic.com/eqefc9.jpg Source- goog...

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