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Re: Well, im active again!:D

I can tell haha, its so easy to level up! I would check back on this game every few months to see the progression, and man it has gotten different. I remember when Richarc let me lead the beta test team. But sadly i never got to test anything. My iPhone kinda ruined itself and didnt let me test or p...

Well, im active again!:D

Hey old friends (If you're there), and hey richard(if you see this). Haha im back and playing again. I was on my Loopworm account but i cant seem to find any of my friends list ever online lol. Considering I made that accounnt three years ago, i can understand. If you knew me from before or want to ...

Re: My Old Friends? You There?

Oh wow this has really sucked XD! I did start playing again but i hadnt really seen anyone around and at about the time this was posted I changed to android D:. I REALLY REALLY wanna play again i miss the old times. So ima try to see if richard can get this on android!!!!

My Old Friends? You There?

I think ill start playing some more considering there were tons of updates. So Etive if RedBranch is still out there mind inviting me. im also trying to remember more of my good friends i played with like Etive Rogue and others i cant remember. So if i didnt say your name and we were like besties do...

Re: ****RedBranch Now Recruiting****

Well when i said sub guild i meant a 29 and below guild for anyone who wants to join but cant yet. And we would assign a trainer as leader of the guild. Like ive helped tons of people to get from Withered Vaults to the next keystone. Also on clan friends other than Raiders of Arawn i would like to t...

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