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Re: How long does bolas last?

I don't know the exact time either but I time it by other skills. I bolas first, fire off sharp, normal hit until sharp cools down, then sharp again and bolas immediately after. I found that Bolas will expire 1/2 way through the second sharp cooldown. I think Bolas' cooldown was slowed a little bit ...

Re: Arrows

In the Lux shop at the castle, he sells quivers that add pierce dmg, so techically unlimited arrows. 30K and 60K for 6 or 12 dmg.

Re: Great work admin!

From what I have seen so far, the update is amazing. Was wandering around Shalmot and ran into some battlemages and the fireball effects were awesome. Got a little adreniline rush when I saw that ball of flame headed right for me!!! I have not been able to unlock the Shalmot merchant yet, everytime ...

Re: Update effects on rangers.

I managed to get on last night with my ranger and I noticed a couple of differences in the update.

1. Sturdy Shot cooldown seems to take a little longer
2. Effect of Barbed Shot seems to not last quite as long

Has anyone else who has played noticed this as well?

Re: Jupp big clear out

I agree with Xell. 40 for all classes except Druids. Keep them at 30. Now with the update we can see who will be more acitve and leveling into the 50, 60 & 70 range. Anyone still in their 40s after 2 weeks I would not consider active, unless new and should get cleared out.

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