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Re: Bugs in the new release

So far Ive pretty much had the same issues with things randomly closing and it gets annoying, the chats are confusing me either they were rearranged again or just because I havn’t played as much lately, before I die almost everytime I get a 2-3 second lag and usually respawn in the sky was in garden...

Re: Plat sent to wrong user?

For me usually going to that page and then going back to the game rewards me the missing platinum but if that isnt working in your case posting on the forum here isn’t going to help you because its not a celtic heroes issue its the platinum provider issue so lets say its nativex you need to message ...

Re: Spelling mistakes

Sounds like something you should send in a support ticket instead of posting on forums :p guessing your gonna go sky :0 so hey just bored and nothing better to do was seeing whats going on in ch lol

Re: Changes on danu

Me along with many others always find ourselves talking about missing the "old" days but I feel like it isn't necessarily changing just higher levels have a greater level of responsability compared to being a nub and being free to do whatever you want and thats what people miss is the free...

Buying Hunter Peices

*Spooky Red Hunter Hat
*Non-Spooky Green Hunter Gloves and Legs
*Non-Spooky Yellow Hunter Gloves and Boots

Also* Buying Greater Solstice Gloves if anyone would be interested in selling please

Re: Some memories

oh do yall remember those ow harbringer? that thing was weird. Noticed you play Avabel! :D just started playing that a couple days ago how the heck do you lvl fast in there :?: The answer is you dont... The fastest way is to get quests from quest dungeon and grind but its still pretty slow took me ...

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