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Re: Do any other druids have difficulty finding lvling group

When I was your level I couldn't find ANYONE to level with.. it got so bad I decided to level my rogue alt and level him with the druid! Just keep going, trying to find people. Join a clan and level with people 170 and lower. Until 130 when soloing is a decent option, you just got to grit your teet...

Do any other druids have difficulty finding lvling groups?

I haven't been able to find anyone to lvl with in, like, forever. I'll ask my clan and I swear I can hear the virtual crickets. Last I checked I hadn't gotten on anyone's bad side, soo.... I dunno, do any of you have this issue or am I just that unlucky? :P (Oh, and I was gone for a few months (scho...

Re: Fan fiction Competition

It Began With a Flash of Light… …and a young druid suddenly found herself washed upon the glimmering sands of a land she would soon come to know as Dal Riata. Warily she pushed herself to stand and took in the unfamiliar surroundings, spotting her skiff nearby, shattered; her salvation from the wic...

Re: Archery

Personally I adore archery. I've shot since the dawn of time when my dad taught me on one of his old bows. (Thankfully I have one of my own now. And several dozen of arrows to match!) Aside from the bow and arrows themselves, there are some other pieces of equipment that you might want to invest in ...

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Guthix123 wrote:Granted, but you lose it all due to government taxes...

I wish that the free plat offers were actually free

Granted, but then a giant lizard ate your phone/iPod/iPad.

I wish the eraser on my pencil actually worked instead of just smudging everything. -.-

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