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how is everyone?

Just wanted to say Hi and see how everyone is doing. Curious of my clan ranks if anyone can screenie. Hope to get on and play sometime in this new year. Save some collectables for me. :)


Re: Quiting taranis

Regenleif wrote:To be honest I am quite surprised theILLUMINATI is still there, they passed their death-date LONG ago... LONG LIVE ILLUM!

especially since you've been promoted to a leadership position.

Re: Target lock

How about this. To counter a low level (closer to mob level) group rolling up and locking a mob that someone has been fighting, we add a time lock as well as a damage lock. whichever is achieved first obtains lock. it would work like this. I'm going to use 30% as default damage lock, and 30 seconds,...

Re: Wow just wow

How does anyone believe I'm being serious? Lack of perspective possibly? Hell yes! No, you realized that your statement was terrible and tried to turn it around as if it was a joke, but ended up looking more foolish Yes chase, that is exactly what it was. The reality is, I like saying the most nega...

Re: Target lock

Bowz Fair question. There is no doubt that it sucks when you have basked a boss down below 50% and still not got target lock and then someone else comes along and locks it after one hit. I suppose at that point you can just log off, log on and see if the other player can survive. I was quite agains...

Re: Sigils on this druid build

All of them would be maxed for an end game druid I suggest roots over hw. with root you avoid 100% non skill melee damage. As well as, if you have enough rings, you can root DL bosses and hrung if ever needed. I also suggest swam over storm because it works better with root, and the overall damage ...

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