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Re: Attack on Endgame Bosses

This calculation is based off of existing stats. Perhaps in this scenario your calculation of the exchange or dropoff between the two stats is around 7k defence. What happens when our base attack is at 10k and base damage is 200? Or when the mob has 10k of every resist but 0 fire resist and you cur...

Re: Attack on Endgame Bosses

[/list] You can run tests on each individual boss and try to figure some arbitrary hit rate out. But let me ask you, how will you optimize your build once you find out this number? I imagine it's very different for each boss. Plus, what's an acceptable trade off for damage/stats/skills to attack; me...

Re: Attack on Endgame Bosses

Great topic! Actually have a small project going now trying to figure out the defense on end game bosses. Turning in Fast Graphics in the game settings allows you to see only your dmg so it's easy to see how often you're hitting and the amount of damage you're doing. Doing only auto atks now and wil...

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