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Haypi lol

How long before Haypi falls? They are still top 100 grossing apps, but they seem to be deteriorating in a spiral of moar and moar money. App is 5$ now? And I read a review where someone who spent 23k$ finally quit after playing since the beginning and watching the spiral of Haypian greed.

Re: Patch will be out tomorrow

The leader of shadowknights in herne, darlington lv77, said something about how he liked the money from drops. I don't play a ton, and I do like how much money the items are. However players like seeing gold go up while killing stuff, and when going to the store. So as enemy levels increase- both th...

Re: Mage in update

I was so pissed when I got on the update and found firebolt 2 times as slow and doing half as much damage as previously.. We are now 4 times weaker than before.

Re: Leaderboards

It might be also that the leaderboards are hackable. I am pretty sure I have seen other games where the leaderboards have just ridiculous numbers on them. The leaderboards for gamecrapper.

Re: Before and after

The lv55 npc mages do 50 damage to my warrior with their melee attack... sigh

And the guy with 933 is totally crazy lol. He is on my server. I think he probably maxed out the rogue skill and strength, then attacked a village dog.

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