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Re: Thanks for the Good Times

Sad part is..... I have no clue where or how you are getting these pics and why you are using them against me. I have never seen these pictures nor have I posted them anywhere. I will have to say good job on the Photoshopping!!! Its brilliant. Keep on putting up the pics you say I claim to be and I'...

Re: Thanks for the Good Times

Good job there Archer guy. Take u two whole days to make that up. Doesnt matter tho. U hated me in game so hate me out of game idc. Ive skyped ppl in this game so go ask them who i am. Lol. Anyways celtic heroes has been deleted so has kik and this forum as soon as i post this. Ive more important th...

Thanks for the Good Times

Just wanted to drop a note and thank all of Epona for letting me chill and be a part of your family over the past couple years. I'm off to college next week and doubt I will be back to actually play and level and kill Mordris again. I hope to stop by and say "Hello" from time to time. Good...

Re: Starting a new char here!

Alphachicken wrote:
KAAT wrote:
Alphachicken wrote:Make friends with Dilvar hes a great guy and anyone that tells you otherwise is just another epona tool.


Stay away from kaat she can be scary on her rampages :0

Rofl. Only when they wont stop cursing in the arena!! Lol. I hate pvp. :lol:

Re: Starting a new char here!

Asterix_the_gaul wrote:There are some really good, friendly and helpful people here...hope you enjoy Epona!

There are some really great high levels hear. Most people in Epona are very helpful!! Hope you enjoy our server.

Re: Max level

There is no max level for players. Although I heard a rumor of it being 400. It just becomes insanely difficult to level up since the only mobs you can level on give you little to no experience even on elixirs. The only alternative is to do gladiator quests and Christmas wyrm experiences quests eve...

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