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Re: Games Similar to CH

I think Celtic Heroes is the only MMORPG that has that simple vibe to it. I tried pretty much 90% of the MMOs on the AppStore and they just not it. On subject of Warhammer Odyssey: https://i.postimg.cc/YCyWWFPQ/B63-DD461-0166-4-C69-9-F12-126-CD1-D1211-E.jpg The only similarities between them is tha...

Re: Thanks for the event!

They're delaying handsdown. I always wondered if it was OTM, how much progress would've been made already. Muldar mentioned they were working on a clan bank system(maybe VR can pick this up), and maybe a new area by now!!! To be fair though, you can't really compare the two. OTM's job was to improv...

Re: When is the next plat weekend

People are still free to spend their money on what they want. Many of the players in CH have played for many years. Just because there's no new content (for now) doesn't mean that there won't be other new players that will come (or have joined recently) that will still enjoy and play the game for ye...

Re: Old Character Deleted

Please help me recover the deleted character. Thanks If you send an email to support@onethumbmobile.com with your account username and the deleted character's name/level/server/class, they should be able to restore the character to your account. It may take a few days before you hear back though. G...

Re: Update

.manifest. wrote:
Z4beemer wrote:its about to be october still no update....

Yep ._. October.. Cya in the November post. Happy Thanksgiving in advance

Hey, look on the bright side, at least there’s gonna be a winter event!

Sure, it might be the same winter event as last year...but still.

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