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Selling amulet of the stars (400k)
bracer of shrouding (200k)
corwn of the sorcerer (200k)
ancient wyrmbone gown (160k)
ancient wyrmbone skirt (140k)
Super combo (8k

Re: Mage survive ability

Mages have great dps Are great in pvp Are great at kiteing as the agro they hold Have amazing indirect dps Can energy heal Have problems soloing but is possible to do with alot of plat Have energy problem bug ones which they can sort themselves Really? youve got to be kidding me Brookie. Have you t...

Re: Mage survive ability

brookie, you are the friken mage killer... If you think mages are so amazing!!! and rouges suck so bad then throw away your stupid rouge and play on your mage... As mages we are just trying to get mages to the point where it matches the description in the game ok? description: Mages are ELITE SPELLC...

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