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Re: GJ rosmerta on NECRO

I'm not here to bash, good job on necro. I just want to say that instead of trying to be all cool and secretive, knowing full well that people would have doubted the legitimacy of the kill, you could have just posted the drops from the get-go and avoided all negativity. Is it just me or is levy awe...

Why xfer to Rosmerta?

Eventually other worlds will start killing necro. Every time we've been first to kill a boss people come here. If I had jumped ship when other clans were dominating, Rosmerta wouldn't be such a huge power house. There would still be 2 dominate clans battling for the top spot. Why not make your world...

My thoughts on player bans

Hello everyone I think its pretty low to report people. Otm has a hard enough time coming up with fresh ideas for ch. They need to be concentrating their time on cool new idea. Look at the past 3 events everything just repeats and they change the name on the chest, fashion, and other things. During ...

Re: I can't kick the habit

Its funny how when ur clan tag changes friends will attack God bless you esci. If this game doesn't mean so much you should just walk away peacefully. In the end true colors are always shown. Enjoy ur wife and kids bud.

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