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Re: Is this build okay? and focus...

Ok here we go. For training a fire build imho is better. Stats: 3:2 foc to vit Skills: Bolt max Storm max Fire Attune max Fire Cloak max Fire Lure rest Off: Ur choice, but grim is better than orb for mages. Personally i would choose a fire dmg off, gold blade of fire, for added dmg. But! Choose the ...

Re: Endgame gear????

Was supposed to go with above comment ^^^^^

Regenleif wrote:Druid:
Bracelet: Healer's Bracelet of Focus (75foc, 250natmagic, +5 Touch), Enchanter's Bracelet of Focus (75foc, 250natmagic, +5bark)
Rings (non-aggy): Royal Vines, Royal Bark, Royal Strike, Royal Roots

Re: Key quest

lol the guy by the portal is called ulean blackstone youre supposed to kill all the other guys first idk their names theres one in catacombs...one in stonevale near southern road....one in shalemont on the castle....one in the northern peninsula....one near the portal...and one more somewhere over ...

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