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Re: Don't Trust

I'm afraid you didn't send it to me Clarry. I recieved nothing from you but a message saying "Log on it's important". What did you want to say?

Don't Trust

The accounts name is either *Name Removed*, but either way he/she is not to be trusted. He/she is also selling my armor (or she already sold it, I don't know), to anyone.

On a different note, I hope all you Eponians had a merry Christmas! Catch you guys later. :D

Re: Scammed

Sorry that this has happened to you bud, the price of the items you lost is about 200k which I will refund to you as you were scammed from a member of my clan. I hope this is ok and you contine your fun with us on Celtic-Heroes I require a talk with you before hand if ok. I wish I could talk with y...

Re: Scammed

got sick of CH and Epona for a year, then recently came back to check out the Yuletide update, and everyone was whispering me, "Woah, long time no see," and other such phrases. I got into the niche of CH life, and I've playing for three weeks now. Wonder when the next break will be? :roll...


So a seemingly nice girl named Clarry gave me a brown smuggler suit and a few huntsman masks. She wanted to buy my pathfinders, but I didn't want to sell them, so I let her borrow them. She gave them back once, then asked to borrow again. Then she defriended me and left. I found her online again and...

Re: The Story Of Low Levels

Epona has changed alot, people seem to have become slightly less personal and friendly. Although that's just because it's Yuletide and everyone is rushing to get the presents and the now rarely spawning snowball mobs.

Still admittedly feels less friendly than 2012 Yuletide...

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