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Short essay on my history in mabon

Hi everyone. For the record, I am not trying to stir up any drama and il try to avoid any part that would call anybody out because this isn't intended to start any sh*t. I have been reminiscing about my history in this game and decided to write it out for myself. I realize this is extremely long and...

Re: Aggrogoth Drops

Im not a fan of all the sh*t talking but at a certain point you have got to be the bigger person. The only thing i wanna say is look at all the crap you have talked about my clan and me since this post has started. Why would we help gear our biggest hater? No offense bowz but start trying to turn yo...

Re: Aggrogoth Drops

Killing aggaroth is worth a few idols and pots when elite camps it relentlessly (props to them) but i really don't care for u trying to take away from our accomplishment bowz ... Stop hating start participating ;) btw of course vits gonna have to use a few energy lixs and pots for energy hes a dps d...

Re: WolfGang And Isonamic

ArgueWithBlueWing wrote:No problem ace, and no asie, lol.
that would cause a big fuss, SQUIRE.. isn't in the clan, but my main is.

Your main isnt in my clan .... Thats a guarantee, but nice try bud

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