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Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Well Im mortimer, started back during christmas of 2011. Level 195 warrior and I have to many alts (Xerath, Zepheron, Mortibow, Mortimos, and cant think of any else). Ive been in not many clans, first being OmegaTraid when I was level 30ish, stayed in omega and worked up to general till I was level ...

Re: Cyps last goodbye

Hey Cyprus, its always sad when someone like you quits especially when we were such great buds. You were one of my best buds when i was in omega and unlike most people you stayed my friend even when I joined prime (that alone showed who my true friends were like Sulek, Skyler14 and Yoddgrel to name ...

Hmm is this guy trying to scam me?? xD

I was making a transfer from an alt mage (because I wanted to try and see if I like mages) and then I get this whispered to me in the picture below. I thought it was funny and had to post this pic :3 Yes, yes, I know the graphics are pretty terrible but what else do you expect from a 3rd gen iPod lol.

Re: The Farmer's Journal

I just have to say that your writing skills are pretty amazing :) you caught and kept my attention. I hope you keep adding to this journal and if you need any help along your journey I will be happy to help.

Looking for Double Attack.

Well I am just trying to buy a Double Attack tome for my warrior. If anyone has one to sell me I will probably be shouting in the castle or the arena. You can also whisper me and I will most likely be on Mortimer.

EDIT: I got it :)

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