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Re: Samhain is arriving!

The new mount is incredible. The amount of effort that was put into the development of it really is shining through. Seriously though, I don’t want to sound ungrateful at all, so a huge thank you to VR for confirming yet again that my decision to stop dropping money on the game was in fact the corre...

Re: Samhain is arriving!

Arrowheads wrote:I’d like to see a picture of the event mount :)

Seriously? They basically gave you all a shameless plus for Warhammer by announcing the Hellsteed for the event. The can slap some wings on the undead horse mount from a couple years ago and boom, CH’s version of a Hellsteed.

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Having to prepare for endgame content is pretty much a core part of the mmo genre and far from unusual. Most MMOs do not have gear from 6 years ago that is still needed and sought after by end game players. Most MMOs have more content for the core players that does not require 25 characters be pres...

Re: Time for a change:

Wish this was true you guys just make alts and camp them still played from 2011 and allways thought ppl where just kinda lame tell like last year the server is 100% rigged for players job just trying to save ppl from the mess here they want rich ppl that will support there job only i have two 205s ...

Re: All About Gwydion!

Well said. I am also tired of our robotic android fascist gummy bear overlords ruining this server by forcing us to wear our underwear on the outside of our pants while we hum the Dukes of Hazzard theme song, sniff markers and use stale Schlitz malt liquor beer in our Neti pot during our brainwashed...

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