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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey y'all! I am Blackfox (though now I'm currently working on Whitefox. Yes, I know I lack creativity when it comes to names ;-) ). I joined lugh back in 2011 when the game first came out and have proceeded to play and take many breaks over the years. I have been a part of several clans as a low lev...

Re: questions about values

The elder relic serpent staff(80%) is 200-250k I think? I know the dragonstaff equivalent is 200-250. But may be a little bit different since its from a different event. Not sure about crom set

Re: Eyes and ears open

Sorry that happened to ya bro. Exact same thing happeded to me with my mount. Loaned to a friend who wasn't a clannie and he diced it to the same person. Never could get it back. I definitely learned my lesson. Lol. Hope you can find your ammy

Blackfox Selling


Krons Spiritseed Necklace dex/foc 40, spell attack evasion 120-sold

Greater Ring of Shadowstrike (+3)--10k

Royal Ring of Shadowstrike (+5)--sold

Random other newer manuals and rings--pm me if you are looking for one.


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