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Re: Gonna quit soon.

I'm going to miss you more than anyone else! Guarenteed' i remeber back when i asked you if you quit who would be the cheif of ancients and you said if i was cute enough. Then you trusted me and i will never forget how good you were to me! Sammy, im sorry you are leaving but im happy you played! Lug...

Re: Gonna quit soon.

Have fun! And stay in touch... Kik is out of the picture now : :evil: so send me a pm please! Ill miss you sammy!!!! I wish i could log on and find you and bid you goodbye but... I got that device problems with me! You better not EVER forget your little jordo ;) LOVE YA SAMMY and hope you the BEST o...


I WANNA LOG IN!!!! Admin help i cant get in and i wanna check out the new update. This needs to be fixed i miss all my lugh friends!!

Having problems

Up is anyone else having this problem???!!!! I just updated ch and wanted to check it out! I went and it loaded and everything but when i went to log in i hit continue and it closed the app. I tried again abut hit log in this time and it closed the app! Any ideas on what i should do or how to fix th...

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