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Re: Update

If you check out the whole VR website you can better understand their priorities, CH's role in their future, etc. so there is less confusion here. If we make realistic suggestions with this info in mind maybe we could get something we asked for. https://i.postimg.cc/JhBwWGkS/Annotation-2020-08-06-1...

Re: Who remembers

Ah yes I guess we mostly have ourselves to blame? We asked OTM for less content event wise and more perm content. o.o So now its too hard for them to do perm content so now we get neither :0

Re: No Event this Week?

What the title says ^ Didn’t Diffinitus say we were gonna have week long events till the update drops? :( Would be nice if they started on a Monday Probs plan to start it next month so they have enough week long event ideas to last up until the update is ready. o.o Start too soon and you'll run out.

Re: Premium pet token vendor

The chests in this game is gambling, usually illegal in countries until your about 20 years old. Just like gambling is a bad idea so is buying chests unless your willing to throw your money away without getting much in return. Except this time you always win something so technically no. When you ga...

Re: Update

Are negative responses being deleted? I find it hard to believe everyone is ok with this. If the game was updated every 3 months and the update was delayed, fair enough. But it’s outrageous when the updates are so few and far between. Especially when the main ‘highlight’ seems to be a leystone... W...

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