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Re: cant conect to servers

Hello i am still unable to conect to server as stated before i can't connect to servers I input correct pass and username and states on connecting screen conection times out and sates that I can't connect atm to try agin later and redirects me to where I can see the amount of chara I have in each wo...

cant conect to servers

hello i havent played celtic heros in long time around 2 years and dicided to play it agin but i cant conect to servers , i can log in acct an see al the servers with the amount of cerecters i have in each but cant conect iv tryed evrything from re instaling and all but nothing seems to work i made ...

Re: Heya

heyyyyy coldy , dont know if u rimember mi its sparty , i sorta play on android naw , good to si u are still alive :3

Re: 2 anniversary by joennypotter

joeeeee hahahaha baby inglishhh ahhhh i rimeber when i explaiend how to get worden gear boy.. Was that a chaleng hahaha grate memorys was allways fun playing with you buddy ... Best of luck in real life may you lead a life of happness and prosperaty ...
Sparty :)

any one willing to make a guide?

it seems that druid and mage dont seem to have guides marked.. I was just wondering if there was a expert druid that would like to make a guide? It woul realy help out all the noobs and already expirienced playeres.. Druid being one of the most complexed classes i would realy enjoy haveing a brake d...

Re: Android beta testers!

Hahahaha good to see som ppl havent forgoten me ;p .. And beast , ya i came to realiz that celtic heros was leaning more tord the ppl that spend real mony on in game plat.. But i also came to realiz .. That no mater how strong a player is, how much mony , lux equipment , or what clan there in.. Ther...

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