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Re: Small tips for rogues

Very good tips but i also find helpful is using heroic haste gloves with an ascold dagger and i dps around 500-700 on mobs. i also find it helpful for rouges to get PLAY DEAD SKILL! Its also good dps to use a diamond/quartz dagger until you can get frozen. Charstone rings are very helpful and if you...

Re: Shogun

WTF!!!! i always miss the important stuff people leaving the clan and what not guys i get grounded and you *** each other to death. KISS AND MAKE UP!!!!!!! dont hate each other. 8-)

Re: Shogun

Maybe but he's always welcome in shogun ( sent from my iPhone u know Wat that means) I'm back woohoo Iove insurance!!!!

Re: Did u hear....

HEY GUYS DONT HATE THE BLACK WATCH LIKE SERIOUSLY!! They help my bro alot (wackokid101 etc) especially Mathew thanks for helpin him out guys :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Shogun

Hey guys sorry about the delay as you may have seen i have not been on celtics for about a week now my iphone broke and im getting it fixed and my bros being selfish about his ipad so im outta luck till next week sorry guys i loves ya i dint forget about ya say hi to my peeps and tell em wen my fone...

Re: Shogun

Hey lufia nice to see you on forums I'm gonna be posting pics of shoguns great victories etc.. Once I fugues it out keep me updated in anything pm me if u need to and keep up the good work :D

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