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Re: Twisted druid guide

Spring of life is a fun one, but takes a bit to cast. Odds are that if you're using it on your rivals, they will most likely have already used an idol before your cast hits them. Rescue is good, but requires you to be grouped with your rival. The best anti druid build is what I'll call a zero focus ...

Re: overcasting a more powerful skill.

I think they should make the skills be "resisted" if the EFFECT is lesser than the already cast skill, rather than the LEVEL. So if my vines do 3k damage at 45, and yours do 2k at 50, yours will get resisted! If I'm doing a boss, sometimes I'll cast my first skills while using Aggy book, ...

Re: New druid skills

I don't think a casters only tree is what we need.

Instead of more skill points and less of an energy cost, why don't we make our skills 5-10% stronger. At no energy change.

You could then Leave skills not maxed and have abilities for meditate or vines etc.

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