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Re: Virtual 5K

Sadly my work colleague’s battle with cancer is over. I will be sending pictures along with a description of the event to his family. Hopefully it will make their pain lessen if only a little by a small act of a few people. He did not get a chance to know about the 5K. For all of you who deal with c...

Re: Virtual 5K

Thanks to all who dropped in on the virtual 5k :) we had an interclan group and flew around the border of lirs 5 times. Not sure the mileage but lets call it 5k. I Hope it makes my friend from work smile. I also did 2 5k's on some workout bikes at the gym. 3 virtual 5k's!!!

Thanks again Crom!

Virtual 5K

Tonight I am going to be running (or flying) a virtual 5K in honor of a work colleague who has been battling cancer. It is a bit of fun to cheer him up :) Here is the information that was sent out. "This is a virtual 5K fun run or walk. You can go out and do the 5K in real life, or have your ch...

Re: Please help me understand

What gabbee posted is what i am talking about. Very good idea! These posts about what people did do nothing but further alienate everyone. Do you really think writing about what happened in the past helps anyone to move on? I've posted what my opinion is about what happened..... im done! Let us all ...

Re: Please help me understand

Bada, having worked hard to rebuild, makes an attempt at hrung. Res showing up to engage in a lock battle then reset hrung a few times after lock was lost shows the eye for an eye mentality. Above that, it also shows that members are not out for peace unless its under their terms. It also shows tha...

Re: EKG is Back

Thanks nuee...you know i support you. Let me know if you ever need any help. You stated that usk would have a dl bank... That's really not the point. As im sure eventually maybe they would. They would not camp bosses 24/7 after gearing up their members just i keep the other clan down by creating a s...

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