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Is support being supported?

Is your support team one lonely guy reading throughout all the emails trying to figure out people's accounts ??? Like I've never had this slow of a Response time with support, are they focused more on updates vs player support? Like seriously what's going on here your support has been slacking hard ...

Re: Anyone else getting slow response times from support

Corrupt wrote:
nueee wrote:I legit first messaged support about my account on march 2nd they responded March 10th I provided all the information asked and have heard nothing back ... is this typical?

Send a ticket once a week, then twice until they have to respond

Lol this is probably the funniest solution

Re: This person says they are going to bribe OTM for my clans ip addresses.

I've found people lol it's not hard if you know what your looking for . Tracking down people half way around the world because they stole some virtual items worth like 20 bucks or you don't like the way they play the game is not only normal, it's a sign of maturity and refined social aptitude. Lol!...

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