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Re: Direct dmg to sharpshot

In a game where an extremely large amount of your damage is RNG based (flux,crit,evades) it’s often hard to tell the difference between gear especially when diminishing return basically makes all stat based gear utterly useless after a point (with dg and good supporting gear your most certainly pas...

Re: Pureness

And? Making excuses every time things don't go your way won't get you far. I don't go around blaming my anxiety every time I make a mistake. Huh?? Great, then you should have commented more seriously. Do you include yourself when you say "yall"? You went on about bashing Ronin and making ...

Re: Griefing

From what I’ve seen in the past, players who grief bosses using exploits can get banned (running through walls, etc). If they’re doing standard griefing techniques (dragging adds, using longshot, stopping freeze), I don’t think there is a set punishment. ^ never seen someone get banned for using ga...

Re: Pureness

Skain set Yes slobber on it some more. I’ll get another one on Epona so you can slobber over that one too U only had gara one u r really embarrassing urself at the moment I was always socially awkward Also I could comment more seriously, but considering I have started with being constructive and co...

Re: Pureness

Why cant we just have them as bounty prize and daily rewards? Dude, that "joke" has been said by several people already and isn't constructive in any way, so don't waste everyone's time with spam. If u weren't aware of that, then please read all the comments before u post. Thank you Yea t...

Re: Pureness

Ppl think that their idea of attainable isnt too easily achieved. They dont realize that the absolutely great sarcasm here (kaliset ty love u) which makes them angry is exactly how they come off to others.

Tbh we should just get beta shops like the glee beta with full edl sets for 5g a piece.

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