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Re: Spirit Pets

Zkills wrote:
Criminal wrote:Yes please and make it cost 6 more eggs/seeds and 128 more pet tokens. That will help the game.

Good thing it’s optional and not a requirement

I know right. Please add.

Good thing killing gele bt and dino is also optional and not a requirement.

Re: Griefing at Dino

Entering into agro range generates agro in itself. Not necessarily. It depends if the boss was aggroed in first place. For example, if u enter a boss' aggro range before someone else aggroed it, it'll be hostile to u, but if u leave range and come back it'll be as if u never had any aggro (cus u ac...

Re: It ain’t perfect

DaggerBeard wrote:anyone know what else there is except sword and blunt rings?

I imagine theres totems rings, possibly spears, possibly hand to hand.... hopefully not staffs.

Side note: Grats to epona and morrigan for killing dino, gl on next ones..... kill asap so we can figure out glitches.

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