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Re: Server xfer

I have a 100% movement with 50% camo stormskirr mount and a 140 level falcon pathfinder set and an assload of rare items, ie, 2011 snowman head, pumpkin head, snowball wand, sunflower wand, a lot of black fashion, and all kinds of random stuff.
I am on Donn if you are interested.

Re: Chests

I agree that the chest drops are horrible. I have hundreds of fashion tokens that I can't sell or want to use in my bank. Unless they make them where you can buy old fashion items instead of the 4 or 5 crappy choices we have now they will be useless. Personally I feel that since the revival chest fo...

Re: I will sure leave game if they make server transfer....

Server transfers should be made possible. We paid real money to get gear and to lix multiple toons. So if we for one reason or another want to change server we should ofc be able to bring our toons and gear with us. +1 My thoughts exactly. I have 3 different servers with gear on and I will not go t...

Re: Minor alchemical vials

+1 On the drop rates sucking for minor vials. I have been farming them for more than 3 weeks and only got maybe 10. I have been trying to buy them, but they are crazy expensive on Donn. I have seem them in AH for 100k. I have bought mine for 10-20k.

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