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Re: InnerCircle

Why you say I'm a res hater I don't hate them all I just object to players i helped gear up who no longer need drops going against me at dl bosses they know who they are and many have moved worlds because they too now object to the oppressive regime that is currently the top clan And just because I ...

Let sleeping dogs ly

Why is it that constant harrassment ruining lixes dragging mobs seems to be the latest order of the day
Are you guys so bored with having everything you feel you need to make up for the lack of manhood by harassing everyone else?

Re: Super Wisdom Sale!

Super wisdom are like the booby prize from boxes nobody can sell them for love nor money I've even tried using them but they seem to make such little difference to the random skill increase there pretty much a pointless lix If you wNt a sale on something do xp lixes restos and idols they are the big...

Vial drop rates

Initially the drop rate was pretty high then after a restart I was getting 1 every hour or 2 Now drop rate seems to have dropped again I've ground half a level and had 1!!! Dear otm if you want players to be able to obtain this armour surely the drop rate should be around 30 for 5 levels to stay rou...

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