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Re: Those of Us Left

They need to re-randomize the server list for new players. Right now, Taranis has a massive influx of new players (that quit due to insane waiting for spawns and competition), because it's the default server. Let's spread that out so we can get a decent level of new players on each server and reinvi...

Re: Ulysses Grant Warrior

Hey Ulysses! It really might be your skill build that's holding you back! Tank warrior is viable in the game but the problem is that it's good for group play and bossing -- and you're primarily soloing to level up. So, make the switch to DPS warrior. Put points into Frenzy (max it out), Pummel, and ...

Buying: Focus of Seer L100

Hey, I'm looking to buy a L100 Focus of Seer at a discounted rate compared to the in game vendor! Please let me know if you're looking to sell one. At the moment, I'm also looking for a mind tablet of marble and blue remnant of stars. My in game name is LordLegendari, feel free to shoot me a mail an...

Sort of Back

Not sure if anyone still remembers me, I'm back for my monthly visit of Celtic Heroes, but this time, I am hooked by the new Unity engine. It looks nice! I won't be super active, but I'd be wondering if anyone would give me a hand in helping out with leveling/quests etc. I'm level 63-66ish atm and I...

Re: Price Check

Feels good to play a bit again! Any of the old crew still alive? (RaiderERIC/Rangerbabe/Coheed/forgot a lot of their names but I'll remember em if they're listed haha)

Why'd you leave Epona?

Re: Price Check

Yoooooooooo Ky, what's going on? College is going well! I've been getting on like 30 min each day in CH recently!

Alphachicken, what's up man! Been a while since I've seen you. I remember when you were level 30! Do you still play on other servers, or just quit?

thanks chelsea for the prices!

Price Check

Hi all, LordLegendary here, former chief of "Exclusive".

Havent been on in 1-2 years, wondering how much the following item is worth:

Each Party Hat (Including Black)
Cupcake thingies
Summer masks

Re: Hi

Thanks guys, hey Ky :D I'm doing great now haha, I'll probs be able to stomp on the old Celtic ground for a little while at least.

And wow, 20k. That's a nice figure, thanks alpha, and hey too! :D

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