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Re: Heroes age

Hello, just curious as to if any Celtic Heroes players have tried Heroes age? I made a toon on it and I’m pretty keen to find some English speakers to play with :) Heroes age has one server and only 30 or so players are above lvl 100.....I don’t think aggy has died yet either :) Ive acc been thinki...

2011 Morrigan Player saying hello..

I was scrolling through the Morrigan section of the forums for the first time in awhile and i thought id drop by and say hello for old times sake... I started playing Celtic Heroes on July of 2011 and Morrigan was the server that i played on. At the time my IGN was (Monkeyman). I was a gurdian withi...

Re: New way to make gold

First of Gort. To my extent why should my words be pointing to you? Secondly I never firmly declared that I was to whine because I never considered to buy platinum. Thirdly I will not buy platium for many reasons. I do have a life unlike some others. I'd rather spend my money which I work very hard ...

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