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nobleranger99 wrote:I got one but it's more cream then white and looks bad

Yeah its such an awesome hat but the color is off. I find this to be the case with black as well. Its not even black but like a graphite color, and the pink ribbon around it makes it ugly...

Re: Chest cheat

Superman wrote:If you fall for that one you deserve to be scammed. Come on guys, use your brain!

A lot of kids are the target audience to this type of trickery and they are often too naive or gullible to know better. I sure learned my lesson years ago many times in other MMO.

Re: What world??

if u want peace dont think about rosmerta :lol: :lol: Honestly heaven i think our server's waters have settled quite a bit. No clan is really churning the pot anymore so I would honestly reccomend Rosmerta to anyone. We have excelled as a server not only in our achievemts but in our attitudes towar...

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