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Re: Who Plays Runescape?

Hey there I'm quite interested in what makes runescape such a hugely popular game, they must be doing something very well! I'd appreciate hearing from any players what they think about this. Thanks! One acronym... PvP Gross. lol The real reason runescape is a great game is because of the monthly up...

Random Ability Exp Gain

I am currently trying to level up my bow ability and have found it to be completely random. Is there a method to this madness of ability leveling? I sometimes gain 3 bow levels in 30 seconds, then it will take another ten minutes to get one more ability point. Thus my question is, what is the breakd...

Re: Ranger stats? What to go with.

75, 145, 40, 40. I am currently lvl 56. Dex has helped a ton. I plan on using the next while to get my str up to 100, then add more dex. so far i have had plenty of energy. With this set up, get bolas up as high as you can, mine is lvl 15. It works wonders to save you on the lower health count. I fo...

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