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Re: Mord Mage Braces

Thanks for the info guys its pretty disappointing there are only three skill types for mord braces, 1 of which for each caster is thrown away pretty much due to sacrifice and e harvest as one... And the amount of skulls are nice, yet to see a fire mordy book yet, dissapointed about that, but I am ke...

Mord Mage Braces

Not to be intrusive, but I'm curious about which mord mage braces are currently out there on all the worlds, best we got so far is an imp fire bolt brace, gladly having that in my possession. I have seen ice blast and sacrifice braces drop before but still trying to figure out if there is possibly a...

Re: Highest firebolt?

Yeh same the dynamics of ice mage dps allowed you to only use two dps skills & attunement and still get kills on bosses which allowed room for e boost for non sigil mages or e shield for those who have sigils, this opposed tothe fire mage system which requires three dps skills and attunement to ...

Re: Highest firebolt?

Nice! I'm gonna guess I hit around 5.3k ish before, I use the beastbone gear and a 100 firebolt charm so it helps some but I dont have nearly as good gear as you unfortunately

Re: Shadowstrike rings have lesser drop chance than others?

Yeh just saying, that 5 star zombie dude used to always spawn 5 star but after the first patch of Update 4 they put in dumb phs which I'm fairly certain wasn't even placed in the patch notes. It was a sneaky move which led to a definite gain in income for me since I did get nearly 100k+ from it the ...

Re: Recreation of Energy shield

Unfortunately to say, OTM is neglecting a lot of things: making e shield better, giving Hrungir loot, some other daily type quests, thats beyond this topic but still, not many things going on in regards to patching etc. hoping for something to pop up this Tuesday coming or first Tuesday of August

Recreation of Energy shield

Since the nerf that decreased our e shield in Update 4, there has been no word about whether or not something is going to be changed about e shield. Its a vital skill that mages need but if they implement a new version of e shield they need to base it on focus which from what I've seen, they have fa...

Re: Icemage dps is broken?

Yeh I can agree, seems that ice blast isn't necessarily all to great at the time now, and frostbite might be lacking some dps since it is fairly weak compared to that of other classes dots, even though this is the mage's second dps. Regardless, ice mage needs a boost, especially since your dps isn't...

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