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Re: Vanishing items o.e

Fz to get back on the original subject... yeah i have noticed it, i wonder why it is happening, because i definitely did NOT hit "Drop" on my Grand Blade of Slashing and my Obsidian Quickblade.
they just disappeared. i wonder what OTM is planning....

Buying and Selling!

I am currently selling: Golden Severity Helm (50 Cold) - 95k Connacht Pathfinder Greaves and Boots - 110k Beltane Harp (Dropped by Faerie) - 8k (or Rebirth Book) Pink Ardmir Woad, Legs, and Bracers - 16k Full Turqoise Frostguard Set - 70k Full Green Ardmir Set - 50k Sunflower Wand - 25k Santa Hat (f...

Re: Buying

Yeah. Magic is best where I level. And I have a dark trident so I'm going for the black and white look.


I'm buying a golden trident of magic.
Hit me up here or ingame by mailing "I have one" to TemplarElite1.
I'll pay about 170-180k for it gold.
Also selling Opal Quickblade (Chromos) for 40k.

Re: MAYBE i would need to come back

Hehe, I know this isn't true because you bought an ass ton of plat, I'm guessing somewhere close to $500-600, but every time someone says 3m+ of items I just think they have 10,000 old cloth scraps and sharp dirks and other useless stuff like wool hats and crap xD is it just me?? Just saying!!

Who has?

Who on this game actually has a sled?
I want to have a rough estimate.
Post your name and the speed of it.

Just wondering because I feel like there are only 2 or 3 left on Mabon. (Active players).


Buying 1 Icelord Bow. If you've got one please hit me up. There was approx 6-7 of them last year now there are only 3-4 that are still active players. I don't want it to become an icon on some retired collector's inventory. So if you have one and you aren't using it, (which is mostly the case) Sell ...

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