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I updated my app! But I can't get passed black page where otm comes up. Ik servers arnt back up yet, but is anybody else having this problem. :O I hope it's not just me. :o


Soooo... I love this this game,I found it right when it came out but I got to lvl 30 and me and my friend sheala dominated the catas lol before anybody was that lvl. Well I quit cause it was so boring being the only one on server most of the time and during the time i quit we'll everybody came :cry:...

Hey guys

Hey guys,ive been away for awhile and I'm finally back on my regular schedule. Starting a ranger named goldbane. So thats me.

Anybody know about this guy?

This guy shaikster, I was standing by king gotspew for 20 minutes to finish quest. He was first person that came to crookback so I asked him to help me kill gotspew.Instead he comes,rejects my party request, kills king gotspew then demands 700g for skull tht I don't need. I was just very suprised.

Re: Introducing myslef

Thx guys,and srry Xsieg for just leaving today while we were talking. It was an emergency:p more like I forgot about my aunt birthday party,but if u knew my aunt u would know it was an emergency :lol:

Good bye and thanks!

Hey guys,I've put a lot of thought into this and Ive decided to quite game. I just wanted to say thank u to my good friends that where always there to help,and that I'm very thankful. I will still be on for the next few days selling my stuff only things in keeping are my amulet and gloves. I hope to...

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