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cash reward

No questions asked Mr stealy my girl and dragon lord I found a old classic allready I'd like to know who is selling stuff in Rosmerta and where we can find it pls include screen shots and locations and proof of sale so I cN buy there gear asap or when it's convienant ! I will buy as soon as I can I ...


Please mail all donations to Tolowin

Skill books disks rems and tabs and crests !

Those of u who donate will receive gratitude from noobs all over rosmerta ! All donations distributed to noobs free of charge !

Those most generous will receive gifts in return of gratitude ! Ty all who help !

Watchdogs clan members please read !

Welcome to The Neighbour Hood Watch Dogs ! Do to our high volume of members and our no lev requirement please fallow our first and most important bylaw IF SOMEONE ANNOYS U OR SPAMS OR EVEN HAS A NAME U DONT LIKE BLOCK THEM INSTEAD OF LEAVING NOT ALL OF US ARE ANNOYING TY ! dogs: Bullets and carnage ...


Ya well u are wrong Ty YAZ for ur generous donations and SPIRO u guys have helped so many u dont even know it makes me so happy today i helped many noobs be able to travel better level ther skills quiker get there warden gear and so much more ! Ty to those who have chosen to help people instead of h...


Please help the Noobs of rosmerta ! Mail any unwanted items to . Tolowin Level 1 ! We need thousands of discs rems tabs and skill pages books and any unwanted gear all will be given to noobs free of charge ! To help rosmerta become the biggest bad ass server in Celtic Heroes ! Lol ! Like we aren't a...

The Graces !

The Graces

They are the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome. There are three Graces: Aglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer). The are known for singing and dancing for the gods.

Nemesis !


Nemesis means righteous anger, due enactment, or devine vengence. This god helped to avenge those who were wronged.

Joslynn Everette

If u play gta v and wanna hang around ! Add me on FaceBook ! I also play Titanfall ! And my Xbox live is joslin33 on Xbox 360 and Joslynn81 on Xbox one hope to hang out with u all soon !

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