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Re: Do you feel like quiting?

I had the feeling I wanted to quit a long time ago. Eventually I got bored because whenever I log on, nobody else is. I like this game but im always online by myself. Then, in the real world, I have some problems. And the problem is this game because I play it too much when I couldve been doing some...

Re: Thanks for the laughs, toolbag.

This loser made my day, I just had to share. First, he whispers me 'Hello' (which I failed to screenshot, oops.) Nice job misspelling 'support', BTW. http://i757.photobucket.com/albums/xx217/wanderer80/Scam1.png Somehow I also missed screenshotting the line where I told him that If he were from sup...


Screw those fkers who mess up the game. Ban that son of a btch. Here's an idea, admin. Next time, someone sees a hacker (using mods), screenshot him/her and report it to admin. He then shall loose 5 lvls (if ur 150 u go back down to 145. Stat points or skill points used during those 5 lvls will be ...

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