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Re: Absence

Hey Md. Thanks. I didn't mean the patch as a whole. That seems different than the update.

I meant that the patch introduced a different set of skill dynamics via the armor. Do we know much about that yet?


My work is going through an intense period, which happens. Of course my toons have mostly been spoiled little plat lordlings... Have to fund their unjustifiable habits somehow. :? As a result I have not been able to really sit down and play since the patch. I am wondering has anybody done a review o...

Re: Damage bracelets?

The type of damage gear you want might depend on your build. Str boosts the physical damages, but not the elemental. If you have a high str build then you will benefit a lot from the physical damage bracelets, for instance. This is why the bloodlust helm is considered so valuable. If you are not run...

Re: this is getting out o f hand!

This issue is going to be fixed in the next version of the app. Unfortunately it is not something that can simply be patched, so it will be part of the new update. What about BOTing? I saw a player on Taranis yesterday running around with 4 druids following him. The druids moved exactly the same an...

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