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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hey guys and gals many may know me I'm currently Allyknife. Formerly Allyme my original character. I began playing around late July of 2011 I didn't play many mmos so I was quickly off the original story line and just lvles off random mobs. Around lvl 20 I met Greg which told me to do the storyline ...

Minor sell

Haste ring -300k
2nd rarest Beltane harp(offer)
Radiant pink mask(offer)
Blur nature mask(offer)
Purple nature mask(offer)
Superior coldsteal ring - 20k

Also i am trading krons Stormleaf set for krons bloodthorn charm

Pm or mail me in game Allyknife

Need help

Ok so today i decided to make a ranger. Instead of buying a character slot i decided to make a fresh new account for this ranger. I create it do 1 quest to make it lvl 2 so there is a unique difference in a lvl when i mail it lux. I head on over to my main unequip the desired lux to transfer to my n...

Disabled account

Today i made a new account for a ranger alt i had planned on training. I log on to it lvl it to 2 to make sure ik who it is i will send my luxury to. i log on my main mail my bloodlust helm, heroic gloves of haste, and heroic ammy of rejuv, and a might brace of venom. After i mailed it i went to go ...

Re: Notorious Clan

It was very much active when i was in it, brad and lights could tell you this aswell this was when cran played with his druid cranberry and indi had her mage in it.

Re: Notorious Clan

Notorious is doing a great job and instead of having random alts as guards/gens they do have active alts from awakening so they can help out lower levels with their main. As for th blood grove part which was completely off topic it did have its moment when it was a great clan before joining into sol...

Re: Why Clan Them?

Don't worry about her Q she is just hurt that she isn't needed and still isnt due to her mental problems i hope your going to a psychiatrist bazz get well soon if you ever do.....

Re: selling camo charm

Little did you guys know he is a legit player on gwydion whos been playing since early update 2 or 1 forgot.... he is also a lvl 150 very trustworthy for me at least

ps. u think im trustworthy then everyone in gwydion is untrustworthy everyone :)

Re: Pummel vs giant swing

even at lower levels 140-159 it can be good just max it use anc beast gloves if possible get a pummel charm from the summer dragon. I used a +8 pummel aggy ring aswell with 3 other royal dmg rings. My pummel would hit 2k-2.2k lowest 1.8k dmg it also increases with strength i believe.

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