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Re: Entangle dex based?

Who knows? Longshot is supposedly a dex skill , but 80% of its dmg is inherant in skill lvl and auto dmg stat............... So sick od there being no pure dps skill ranger itemd in the game besides a few raid pieces ive never seen drop (godly mord hrung helms) Like why is there attack and str on th...

Re: Ranger dex boosted?

yes i think another 30% boost to modifier is needed. In addition you should consider: Also please reduce explosove arrow energy cost, its ridiculous. Barbed shot make poison dmg or its just too slow for the cast time. Or make instant. I think otm forgets the equipme t strain it is to max all dmg ski...

Re: Ranger dex boosted?

From my calculations, they added a 50% multiplier to dex base.

So take your dex / 2 and thats about your dmg increase (for SHARPSHOT anyway - have not calculated others).

For sharpshot anyway 100 dex = 150 skill dmg when it was 100 for 100 before.

Jackiedoe 215 Ranger Taranis

Re: For para

Regen u r full of it. They were accepted to edl after u guys started FAILING to kill things. The. The big scramble to get the other 2 clans and 40 more people to join your dictatorship of oppression, be ause the 20 of you wasnt cutting it to get to bosses on time. Stop hiding behind your Aoenic chiv...

Re: Seriously what's the point?

Rave, You know i like you man, but how in any way am I/we ksing anything? The alternative to not trying to lock hrung when he spawns is sitting there and watching him die to you guys. How is my playing the game considered ksing? The griefing thing is diff ofc,' and I strive to not engage in that act...

Re: Open beta 200 5 drop.

Stats need to buffed. Skills changed. Imperial and royal would constitute 90% drops and it is just plain horrible. And should be quickstrike or shadowstrike instead of assughhassinate. Mage is firestorm which is neat. Ranger sharpshot, rip. Warrior sweeping blow I believe. Considering the godly cha...

Re: Seriously what's the point?

If Aeon and Pride wanted to, we could camp every boss and lock fight them on spawn and completely block out all other clans. But we choose not to. If we wanted to, we could enforce a "with us or against us" doctrine forcing other clans to join us if they wanted to gain DL, EDL, or Raid dr...

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