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Re: Sweeping blow

Same mobs that dropped all the rest, you are just unlucky. You will probably not use that skill though. You can complete the quest for personal satisfaction or just to try it out, but don't focus too much on it. Sweeping Blow is a slow skill like Giant Swing, but with lower damage. In case you don't...

Re: Starting up a rogue

All the melee classes have serious energy problems, especially at the beginning (warriors are even worse than rogues and rangers). To all the new players without gold and platinum, I always suggest to use rabbit or pig as pet, to restore both energy and hp, and jewels with hp/energy reg. Might be ha...

Re: State of the game

If servers are not mergerd, players will simply trasfer or quit, so, considering that, what's the point of keeping 19 servers? The majority are close to die or already dead, just a few, like Epona, are really active. Merging would just make players' life easier. Instead of starting from 0 again on a...

Re: Shield to use?

You can find hp/vit on any gear, while armor and resistance on specific ones only.
The Golden shield is way better than the vit one in any situation.

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