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What's new Sulis???

Hey everybody it's Hroth! What's been happening in Sulis lately?? I miss playing CH so much and I've actually tried logging on but my ipod refuses to load the app for some reason. Piece of crap really... For those that know I've been talking to my recruiter and will be going to basic/boot camp for t...

See ya

Hey everyone, I'll make this short. I figured I post here in hopes that my online friends will see this. I'm quitting the game for now, so far I have too much going on with work and family. Life in general really. It kinda sucks to be honest, but I will miss all of you and the memories we've shared....

Selling some junk (Changed Prices)

I need some inventory space, so here's a list of items that I'm selling: Discs Drag-45k Rings Lesser ring of Ice Blast(Mage)-3k Crystal ring of Magic(Druid)-2k Tablets Fire Tab of Marble-3k Water Tab of Basalt-2k Fire Tab of Obsidian x2-5k Air Tab of Granite-4k Bracelets Major Wyrmclaw-10k Lesser So...

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