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Re: Stock market

Williboss wrote:First of all, it’s good thing that you’ve decided to invest and try your luck. Not many people can do that (most of them are afraid of taking risks).

Eh think you should ask him if he’s doing well with his investments, not sure if he’s still looking for CH stock market advice 3 years later ;)

Re: Epona down

Hello all, Thanks for letting us know about the server. We restarted Epona about 1 hour ago and closely monitoring all servers for the time being. You may notice an extended load time logging into your character, please be patient as there are lots of players trying to log in right now. If there ar...

Re: Ideal Level?

There is no further lock penalty once you hit 230 so the ideal level for killing 220 bosses is... as high as you can possibly get? This is the right answer, although you will probably barely notice the difference in lock capability between 220 and 230. Not worth the opportunity cost of trying hard ...

Re: Purpose of a ranger

I always try to analyze the classes like the positions on a basketball team to help me understand their roles during raids. Druids and lure mages are like pass-first point guards, primarily focusing on assisting their team in any way they can. Rogues, pure DPS Rangers, and mages are like catch-and-s...

Re: Intro

Raburto wrote:
SanguineParadise wrote:Hello, I’m SanguineParadise, but I have no toon by that name :)

Veteran CH player, nice to meet you all

Aye Uzi


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