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Re: Idea for the Auction House

I've been brainstorming with my clan about making the auction house more interactive. We all agree that it would be beneficial to allow people to leave feedback and/or messages on the items that are being sold. For example, if I wanted to sell an item, and someone wants to buy it, but it is priced ...

Re: My disobedient Bear Mount

I've a lvl 54 mage on Epona. ( 5 characters on Fingal level 85 to 115 an have not seen this before) All my mount skills are 540 for mounts I don't have. I use a bear mount and cast resilience constantly yet it's 0/10 in Abilities tab I don't know why it's like this nor how To correct this... Ty you...

Re: Everything is now expensive

ranger123 wrote:why is it that everything is now way to expensive in this game from charms, mounts chest, fashion and gear esepecially when people want 50million a single gear item like dhiothu totem people even want 15million for a skeleton charm and similar ones

its been expensive for ages, and you say now...

Re: Something wrong

ranger123 wrote:Tryna login for 10mins straight I can’t then when I’m in no messages appear that I say or shout chat log doesn’t show peoples text either also mail box takes 5mins to show messages

yep, many have been having the same problem currently. What server r you?

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